Assured quality enables certainty


Our mobile laboratory enables us to test material directly at the supplier. From the view of the supplier this means an enormous development opportunity because the quality can be assured enabling the risk of claims to be reduced.

Not only do we have assured results from using the MobilLab but we see this as a possibility to build a trusting business relationship between ourselves and our suppliers. This relationship can be intensified through an in depth talk to our quality controller.

The transmission of the laboratory results follows immediately via e-mail to the headquarters of Dohrn Trading GmbH. In this way, very quick decisions about purchasing, prices, deadlines, usage, etc. can be made.

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Quality assurance and plastic laboratory

Information about our diverse methods of plastic analysis

Taking sample collection

csm_bild1_7406a7a7b9Our quality controller starts by taking a representative sample from various layers and depths of each package. It is now possible to make an assessment of the material.

Laboratory Extruder

csm_bild1a_a7a168b212The heart of the laboratory is the laboratory extruder. The test strand from the extruder shows us the quality of the tested material. We purposely do not use any method of falsification such as devolatilizing.

MFI Tester

MFI-PruefgeraetTo take the measurement an exact quantity of material is heated to an exact temperature for exactly 10 minutes and the result can be interpreted from the outflow of the MFI tester.

Density Tester

DichtemessgeraetTwo measurements are compared for the density measurement. The sample is weighed firstly with air and then it is weighed in methanol.


verascheofenThe amount of reinforcement substance in regrind or regranulate can be determined through incinerating the material. The incineration takes place, depending on the material, at temperatures of up to 1000 degree centigrade.

At such temperatures the polymeric material turns into gas or incinerates completely leaving the reinforcement substance behind in the form of ash. The weight of the ash in comparison to the weight of the original material shows the percentage of reinforcement substances in the material, reinforcements such as talcum, fibre glass and marbles etc.