Whether being Europe or Asia, our Domain reaches far beyond the border of Germany

The company Dohrn Trading GmbH – Your Plastic Partner – is your reliable trading company for all kinds of thermal plastic compounds be it regrinds or regranulates. Since our founding in 1992, our partners are the plastic processing industries: automobile, structural and civil engineering, horticulture, household, computer, office and school utensils, furniture, technical equipment etc. — the scope of application of our compounds is just as versatile as our product range.

Due to our thorough material quality measures, we deliver high quality lowering the risk for our customers and helping to reduce production downtimes. This enables planning reliability, hence, an invaluable commodity in the globalised world.

“Dohrn Trading stands for quality and reliability”

Management of the Company


Elfriede Dohrn

As founder and engine of this company, she sets the pace and decides how to go ahead.

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Wiebke Kruckenberg MBA

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Sönke Dohrn B.Sc, M.Sc.

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On 1st of April 2012 the representative office in New-Delhi, Gurgaon India has been opened.

On 1st of October 2011 Ms Wiebke Dohrn becomes Managing Director / CEO.

The representative office in St. Petersburg was opened on 1st of September 2006. It provides us with successful service until 28th of February 2008.

By the end of 2005 Dohrn Trading achieved a healthy turn over of around 5.8 million EUR with seven co workers and around 10,000 tons of trade.
The representative office in Hagzhou/China was opened on 1st of February 2005. It provided us with sound service for building up the Chinese market until 31st of December 2006.

In 1995 a sales volume of around 1.5 million EUR was achieved.

Dohrn Trading GmbH was founded on 1st of February 1992 by Mrs. Elfriede Dohrn and is based in Reinbek. During the first year the trade operations were limited to Germany. In the second and third year the activities followed with few European Union countries and Hong Kong.